Our Pill Dispenser

MedMinder automatic pill dispenser will remind your dear ones to take the meds and will report you if they miss dosages

Pill Dispenser Features ``At a Glance``

Easy-To-Use Device

A dispenser design that is intuitive for your parents and loved ones.

Multi-Week Feature

Filled for several weeks, depending on the number of dosages per day

Locked Pill Dispensers

For those at greater risk for taking the wrong medication at the wrong time

Refill Trays

More convenient and reduces the possibility of medication errors

Medical Alert

Two-way voice channel with the medical alert professionals

Peace of Mind

With reminders and alerts, MedMinder takes anxiety away from missed or incorrect dosages.

Cellular &WI-FI Connection

User can select to use internal cellular connection or Wi-Fi

A Personalized Device

Stay connected with our custom greetings, family picture gallery and daily weather updates.

An Interactive Screen

Feel more connected by recording voice messages on the MedMinder portal so your loved ones hear a familiar voice as either a greeting or reminder. And to provide even more comfort, your personal images can be added to their device through our new virtual photo album!

The screen will also provide visual alerts when it’s time to take the medication, and subsequent visual and auditory reminders if any doses are missed. 

Locked For Safety

For added safety against taking the wrong medication at the wrong time, only the correct compartment will be unlocked at the appropriate time.

SMART Tech Made Easy

Using our secure website, users and caregivers can easily program their unit’s medication schedule remotely, set up preferred notifications and review reports. No wi-fi or internet connection is required!

You’ll also receive detailed reports that show when medications were taken, when trays were refilled and if any medications were missed.

Added Safety With Emergency Medical Assistance

Help when they need it. MedMinder comes with an emergency call button and bracelet, connecting your loved one to a quick-response emergency call center at the click of a button.

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